Bentley Fashion Consultants host fashion show

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By Jessica Hughes

This past weekend, Bentley Fashion Consultants presented their annual fashion show, but unlike some of the shows in the past, this year they teamed up with Sigma Gamma Delta to do so. The combination allowed for an awesome dynamic that permitted more pieces to be showcased on the runway, and even more fun to be had with model representation from both organizations. Taking place on Saturday, March 29th, the show featured a wide variety of designers whose fashions were modeled by both female and male participants.

The event itself had a great turnout that drew in friends, students, and family members who were all able to observe the different designer categories being represented. From Southern Proper Ties to Paxton 1345 Loungewear, to even chic feminine looks from Francesca’s and Wild Willow, audience members had the opportunity to become familiarized with many local and accessible brands that they may not have been familiar with in the past.

The models that showcased the fashion designs expressed a lot of enthusiasm about their outfits and did an excellent job of engaging the crowd, contributing to the overall light-hearted spirit of the event.
“It was great to see the show come together so well after all of the hard work that we have been putting into it since last semester,” stated Adelaida Camilo, the treasurer of the Bentley Fashion Consultants, and one of the models that was featured in the show. Adelaida is a senior who has been in the show multiple times and she indicated that she was happy to end on this note, as she really enjoyed this experience.

Tickets to the show were only $2, and came with three raffle entries that could be put towards a variety of prizes. The tickets were drawn multiple times throughout the show, allowing the audience members ample chances to win. Prizes included a Kate Spade bag, gift cards to The Skellig, Wilson’s, John Brewer’s and Glow, and even some of the apparel that was seen in the show.

“I am definitely going to use this before the Bahamas trip!” exclaimed Thomas Diorio, a senior audience member who won the Glow gift card.

The event was a definite success made possible by a lot of hard work from the Fashion Consultants, SGD, as well as hair stylists and make-up artists. There was immediate positive feedback from the audience members, and even a lot of praise on Facebook and Twitter after the event wrapped up.

If you would be interested in joining Bentley Fashion Consultants, feel free to follow them on Twitter and Instagram @bentleyfashion, as well as on Facebook at to stay updated with upcoming events, news, and great fashion tips.

Move Your Phi’t with Sigma Chi and Alpha Phi

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By Jessica Hughes

No matter how much you want to deny it seniors, graduation is fast approaching. And that means another circled date on the calendar is coming up soon as well: the annual trip to the Bahamas. So for the most of the senior class, that means daily trips to the gym to make sure the bod is island party ready. If that wasn’t reminder enough, a few student organizations around campus are organizing 5k walks/runs for good causes not excluding shedding a few pounds from a few soon-to-be alumni before they soak up the sun in Atlantis.

On Sunday, April 6, the Sport Event Management Class (MG340) will be partnering with Colleges against Cancer (CAC) to host a 5k run to support cancer research with all proceeds going to Relay for Life. In addition to the actual run, the two organizations will be throwing a festival during and after the race on the Upper Greenspace at the start/finish line in the “Falcon Festival Zone.” There participants and spectators can enjoy live music, consume edible food, and participate in fun games and contests. The event will begin at 12:30 p.m. and the run will commence at 1:00 p.m. sharp on Upper G. Anyone looking to register for the event can do so by logging onto MyBentley and clicking the “Purchase/Register For Events, Activities, or Programs” link listed under Undergraduate Student Services.

But if the schedule for Sunday is looking a bit tight, perhaps Friday might work out better, especially for those seniors who don’t even remember what it’s like to have class on Friday. Tomorrow Alpha Phi and Sig Chi will be co-hosting the “Move Your Phi’t” 5k also to fund cancer research through their respective philanthropic partners. Some students may remember the 1st annual “Move Your Feet” event from last semester as hosted by Alpha Phi which, without the aid of the brothers of Sig Chi, successfully raised over $1900 to benefit the Alpha Phi Foundation. The foundation in turn, actively contributes money to on-going research in the field of cardiac care and women’s heart health.

This semester, with the addition of the Sigma Chi brothers to the cause, event organizers from both organizations anticipate the run will be an even bigger success with a goal of $3000. Fresh off their Falcon Award win for “Organization of the Year”, the leadership of Sig Chi hopes that lending their name and assistance to the cause will lend publicity to the event and increase attendance. In addition to benefiting Women’s Heart Health, proceeds from the event will be going to the philanthropic partner of the Sigma Chi national organization. Designated as the official philanthropic partner of Sigma Chi in December of 2012, the Huntsman Cancer Institute is dedicated to cancer research and is constantly developing new and better techniques for the treatment of various cancers.

Starting at 11 a.m. one of Bentley’s own, junior Matthew Bordeaux, will kick off the event by performing live on the Upper Greenspace where students can enjoy a variety of activities including face painting, face waxing (courtesy of European Wax Center), facial shave demonstrations (courtesy of GameDay), Pi the President, Pi a Chi, and ring toss. From 12 to 2 p.m. AMP radio will be in attendance for a live DJ set to entertain runners and event attendees. The walk/run itself will have two staggered start times to accommodate those students getting out of Friday class. Students can choose to either start at the first time, 1:30 p.m. or the latter start at 2:30 p.m.
Those looking to participate in the event can purchase tickets today outside Seasons from 5-7 p.m. for $10 or $15 for at the event. For those looking to just participate in activities taking place on the Greenspace, a $5 is suggested. A map of the 5k will be available at the table outside Seasons. The route will be almost entirely on campus, crossing Beaver St. just once, to avoid having to block off any major roads and involve the cooperation of the Waltham Police Department.

Sponsors for the event include: Universal Pictures, Monster, 98.5 the Sports Hub, Country 102.5,Moe’s Southwestern Grill, GameDay Men’s Care, Five Guys, Lazy Bones, AMP Radio, Native Water, Wagon Wheel, Glow, European Wax Center, Angelo’s Civita Farnese, John Brewers, and Relay Preview Conclusion.

F.I.R.E step squad hosts dance show and competition

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By Nick Toselli

Luckily it was pouring rain Saturday night as Koumantzelis Auditorium nearly burnt to the ground… figuratively of course. Seven teams took the stage in front of a packed evening audience to participate in the tenth annual Set The Stage On Fire step competition.

The competition hosted Bentley’s own CRAZE AND F.I.R.E. squads as well as a number of competing schools and groups from around the region. Regis College, The L.I.G.H.T. Steppers, Tufts University, Street Hype and Sexual Chocolate from Boston College were all part of the performance.

This specific event included a special alumni performance that mimicked the step routine and formations of ten years ago. The original event was held in the Wilder Pavilion but later moved to Koumantzelis for more seating availability.

Of the seven groups to perform only three teams entered to compete, the rest performed as exhibition. Tufts University edged out the runner-up Regis College to be crowned champion for the event. Judging for the battle was conducted by the honorable Lai-Monte Hunter, Lekisha Benjamin and Nahomi Carlisle.

While they didn’t walk away with a win under their belt, The L.I.G.H.T. Steppers were an easy crowd favorite. Based out of First Holiness Church in Cambridge the team consists of children and teenagers ages 9-17. The church uses stepping as a safe way to occupy kids after school and spread the faith. The unexpected talent and humor from the young steppers kept the crowd in consistent fits of laughter.

F.I.R.E, Bentley’s own dance crew, was ignited ten years ago thanks to the dedicated members who wanted to bring the art form of step to Bentley University’s campus. It was just four years ago that F.I.R.E intensified its flames with the introduction of a very talented dance team. Since broadening their repertoire, F.I.R.E is hotter than ever. The combination of complex routines, passion, comedy, and strive to bring the heat left Saturday’s audience nothing short of entertained and inspired.

Event planners were lucky enough to get Bentley’s own Sophia Sirage behind the microphone to host the event. Following the event Sophia graciously commented, “I was truly honored to be part of a show packed with amazing talent and an equally awesome audience. It was definitely a great time for everyone!”

A special thank you goes out to DJ Andrew Scopes. His music didn’t miss a step and kept the competitors in perfect unison.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on another great Bentley sponsored event. Keep your eyes peeled for flyers posted around campus announcing similar events!

Greek life hosts annual Lipsync

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By Greeshma Rajeev

All of campus got excited this past Monday night for the Greek event, Lipsync. It was organized by the Greek Activities Council and held in the Executive Dining Room in La Cava on Monday, March 3rd at 9 p.m. Lipsync is a friendly, performance-based competition between every new pledge class on campus. It provides an opportunity to bond with the pledge class, within the fraternity or sorority and also, within the entire Greek community. It is a social activity with a purpose of welcoming the new member class into Greek life.

The room was set up with the audience facing the stage, with the judges’ table in front. Our judges for the night were Madhumita Narayan, Bobby Smith, Ma-Kirah Wilkerson and Lai Monte. They had the tough job of deciding the winners and the quality of the acts was extremely high this time, which meant that judging was no piece of cake. The brothers of Sigma Pi were the DJs for the night and did a really great job with the music. The energy level in the room was a constant high. The event was hosted by Emily Walton (Alpha Phi) and Emily Jang (Gamma Phi Beta), the President and the Public Relations coordinator, respectively, of the Greek Activities Council.

Jesse Kinel, a Phi Sigma Sigma sister, said, “Lipsync is absolutely awesome and every single person did so well this year! I’m so proud to be part of an organization that comes together and supports each other!”

Sure enough, walking in to the EDR Monday night was a completely different experience. The crowd was cheering on the top of their lungs and the bright colors from the flags representing the different Greek life organizations beamed from the balcony. Overall, the atmosphere was fun, energetic and spirited. Anya Klionsky, the Vice President of the Greek Activities Council said, “I think that everyone performed really well and that it was a great night for the entire Greek life family to get together.”

The upbeat music and fun moves were evidence of the time and effort that went into the rehearsals for the night. The performers received tremendous support from the audience and it was wonderful to see the encouraging spirit of the crowd.

Scott Janovitz, a member of the Sigma Chi pledge class this semester, said, “I love that it gave me the opportunity to wear jorts. Not a lot of people can pull them off, but I think I can.”

Even friendly competitions have winners and so, here they are – we have the Sigma Pi brothers and Phi Sigma Sigma sisters in the first place, Sigma Chi brothers and Alpha Phi sisters in the second place and last but not the least, the Delta Kappa Epsilon brothers and the Gamma Phi Beta sisters in the third place. The night of festivities ended in a celebration of the winning fraternities and sororities. A big shoutout to the Greek Activities Council for doing such a wonderful job organizing this exciting event!

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Bentley community aims to put an end to “Fat Talk”

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fat talk

By Virginia Duffy

In case you missed the half-naked bodies hanging on posters on the third floor of Smith, or just looked at them quizzically without investigating further, I will fill you in on what they were about. The posters were part of a nation-wide campaign to end “fat talk.” The Bentley chapter of the movement is being facilitated by Develop U Peer Educators, the Counseling Center, the Center for Health and Wellness and HerCampus. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about what “fat talk” is, outline the dangers of such behavior and to propose solutions to the self-detrimental and critical language.

So what exactly is “fat talk?” For those of you who saw the flyers around campus, you might say that they are bit overdramatic as they display scenarios that we find common and harmless (there are probably some still hanging around if you want to check it out). Those in support of the movement might disagree, claiming that any talk that refers to the appearance of others or yourself is dubbed “fat talk” and leads to unnecessary and unhealthy criticism on the basis of unimportant measurements of beauty. The founders of the campaign, the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity, define fat talk as “any statement that reinforces the thin-ideal standard of beauty and contributes to women and men’s dissatisfaction with their bodies.”

Some examples of fat talk include “you look great – have you lost weight?” or “I’ve gotta hit the protein shakes – we need to get ready for Spring Break!” Some of us, especially as socially conscientious and appearance concerned young adults, find the idea that such phrases are negative to be a little absurd. In fact, many of us find ourselves using such language on a daily basis, especially with summer and bathing suit season just around the corner.

So what is the problem with “fat talk,” no matter how innocent our intentions may be as we comment on how good one of our friends looks? Well the premise behind the movement “is to make everything not so focused on body image” says Bentley peer educator, Brian. Rather, we should be concerned with “just enjoying life.” A very noble idea, but unfortunately it is forced to contest with a school and more generally a society that places too much importance on appearance, overlooking the less vain aspects of life. It is hard to change the culture of a world plagued by photoshopped advertisements of unhealthy models whose career centers around what they look like in a mirror but this is not deterring those in support of the movement.

If you were unable to grab some of the literature (or candy) from the display the past few days, I will list a few tips suggested to put an end to “fat talk” and perhaps curb your self-criticism.

√ Spend time with friends who feel good about their bodies
√ Avoid media that includes fat-talk or pictures of the thin or lean ideals
√ Use mindfulness exercises like listening to your heartbeat to reduce stress and boost self-esteem
√ Pledge to stop fat talk for yourself and others!

These tips are aimed to “promote healthy living” as suggested by peer educator, Dawn. They are designed to place less emphasis on what someone looks like and more emphasis on how they feel. Some opponents may argue that the program perhaps endorses obesity but that is not the intention. Rather, putting an end to “fat talk” will replace importance on holistic and positive lifestyles. If you did not get a chance to sign the pledge, just visit to sign up and learn more about the nationwide campaign.

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Humanities-related programs funded by NEH grant

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By Michaela Stephenson

In 2011, Bentley University received a $395,000 “challenge grant” from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). According to the independent federal agency’s website, the NEH “serves and strengthens our republic by promoting excellence in the humanities and conveying the lessons of history to all Americans.” Part of fulfilling this mission means awarding grants to various “cultural institutions” based on the proposals from these institutions.

The proposals are examined by “panels of independent, external reviewers,” according to the NEH. It’s rare that a business university receives such a generous grant from a humanities agency. However, Bentley’s top-rated proposal garnered what is known as a “challenge grant.” This means that the university was responsible for matching the grant in a threeto-one ratio by the year 2016. Instead of taking the full five-and-a-half years, Bentley raised $1.185 million in less than three years.

“The National Endowment for the Humanities is a very prestigious agency,” said Gesa Kirsch, a professor of English and Media Studies at Bentley and the director of the Valente Center for Arts and Sciences.

“Obtaining an NEH grant is a very competitive endeavor. It’s very much a credit to Bentley’s growth and development in the humanities that we’ve been awarded such a grant.”

Kirsch is of course referring to Bentley’s curriculum “uniting the rigor, relevance, creativity and intellectual dynamics of business and liberal arts,” as stated on the university’s website.

The Valente Center for the Arts and Sciences plans on using the funding on three special programs. The first program is the Humanities Research Seminar and Affiliated Fellowships which looks to “support teaching and research around a single interdisciplinary theme over the course of a year,” said Kirsch.

This particular program includes faculty members from both Bentley and from other Boston-area schools. Five students can become a part of this program. The hope is that these students will work closely with the faculty to complete honors capstone projects or Liberal Studies Major projects.

This first theme is “Intended Consequences? The Historical and Contemporary Problematic of Planning.” Students will “examine the nature of planning, projections, data-driven forecasts, future visioning, and utopian aspirations in both historical and contemporary frameworks,” stated Kirsch.

According to the Call for Student Fellows, interested students should “send a short C.V. (maximum 3 pages), an explanation of the research project they will be doing in either the fall of 2014 or spring of 2015, and a brief description of how the theme of the Humanities Research Seminar connects to that research.

Apart from the C.V., application materials should total no more than 500 words. All materials should be submitted electronically by March 15, 2014, to”

The second humanities program made possible by the grant money is the Visiting Humanities Scholar Program. This is a week-long program where outside scholars come to the university and give a public address, visit classes and hold office hours.

In addition, they will also “engage in a working seminar with Bentley faculty… and otherwise become immersed in campus life,” said Kirsch.

One of the visiting scholar’s this year is Sigridur Ingibjörg Ingadóttir, a member of the Icelandic Parliament. Some examples of previous outside scholars included Kristen Anderson from the University of Houston and Pia Barro, a Chilean author.

The third program supported by the grant money is the Undergraduate Fellows Seminars, where a group of fifteen selected students and four faculty members, two from the arts and sciences and two from the business disciplines, study various books on a topic of interest. None of those involved have any familiarity with the subject, sparking an interesting debate.

Last semester’s interest was “Democracy in America.” This year’s theme is “What Computers Can’t Do.” “The students and faculty members who have participated in the seminar tell me that it’s been a transformative experience for them, a highlight of their undergraduate studies or their experience as teachers, respectively,” said Kirsch. For those interested in participating in the fall seminar, Professor Mike Frank will be accepting applications shortly.

“Overall, this grant showcases how well Bentley has been able to enrich business education with the humanities. We are honored to be recognized by the NEH, and are thrilled to put these critical funds to such good use.”

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Students help the community with tax returns

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By Michaela Stephenson

This spring, Bentley University students have the unique opportunity to apply the skills that they have been learning in the classroom to real-life application in the surrounding community. As the April 15th tax filing deadline fast approaches, residents of Waltham and surrounding towns may take advantage of the free tax return preparation that Bentley University students are offering through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

This program is sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service and continues now until April 10th, excluding the week of Spring Break, March 8th to 16th. The program is offered on campus through the Bentley Service-Learning Center (BSLC). The BLSC gives students the opportunity to get involved with service activities that complement Bentley courses. For the past fifteen years, the BLSC has provided the VITA program for students passionate about tax.

According to the program’s mission statement, VITA looks to “assist eligible taxpayers in satisfying their tax responsibilities by providing free tax return preparation.” All students must pass the IRS VITA certification exam before they can be involved in the program. The program is aimed at assisting low income taxpayers, the elderly, and the disabled. Expertise and assistance is provided to those who make less than $50,000 a year. Tax returns by VITA are completed on a first come, first served basis. Last year, over 70 Bentley graduate and undergraduate students participated in the program. They were responsible for helping prepare over 1000 federal and state income tax returns for the residents of Waltham and surrounding communities. In return, students gain a better understanding of income tax returns.

“I’ve learned a ton in a short amount of time, especially since I had to study for and pass the VITA exam before I could do the tax returns,” said Nicole Grinsell. Grinsell is a junior accounting major, currently participating in the VITA program. “I feel like it’s helped me a lot in the class too because I can think of real life situations where a deduction would apply, or when certain income is taxable.”

The assistance program is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. in Morison Hall room 101. Students are also available from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Those looking for more information about the VITA program are encouraged to call 781.891.2714 or email

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Ski and snowboard club hits the slopes this weekend

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ski and snowboARD

By Nicholas Toselli

Just how cool is the annual Ski/Snowboard Club trip to Stratton? Cool enough to pull a Spring Day-esque blow up the MyBentley portal and sell out within three minutes.

Tickets went on sale online, December 10 for the Ski and Snowboard Club’s annual event, the club utilized the MyBentley due to highly anticipated traffic. The club has maintained existence for over a decade and gives outdoor enthusiasts in the Bentley community an opportunity to attend day and overnight trips to local mountains.

“The weekend trip this year will have 110 people, up from 65 last year and 10 two years prior to that” explains SSC vice president James Donato. He continues, “We’re really happy with those numbers as it represents 1000% growth since this E-board’s seniors started working with the club as freshmen.”

These 110 Bentley thrill seekers head to Stratton Mountain to fill their weekend with whole lot of fun and a little bit of skiing. Ticket Sales include a seat on a coach bus, meals, lift tickets and a ski lodge filled entirely with Bentley students. Fear not parents and hopeless dependents, the trip is supervised by the one and only John Tommasi, trained law enforcement officer and Bentley Professor.

Stratton Mountain provides nearly a hundred trails and 11 lifts. This includes a gondola from base to summit. Assortment of terrain parks, expert trails and bunny slopes welcome any level of skier/snowboarder to the mountain.
SSC member Owen Karl can remember his good times on the trip last year, commenting, “I hate the looks of my bank account, but love the looks I get after a perfectly executed 180”.

Retention from previous trips and positive word of mouth proves the trip is well worth the expense for non-club and club members.

Unfortunately, this year’s weekend trip to Stratton is the last skiing event hosted by the SSC this semester. The trip is made possible only by the hard work of the Club’s E-Board. Members include: President Alice Ni, VP James Donato, Treasurer Olivia Carlson, Secretary Scott Ross/Olivia Graham, Event Plannner Andrew Peppel, Social Media Chairs Maggie Corbett/Celine Yousefzadeh and Promotional Chairs Susanna Gerner/James Purdy.

Students looking to get involved with the club should look out for an all day trip held during the fall semester of 2014. This trip is usually to Okemo because of snow conditions. The club follows the first semester trip with two day trips and a weekend trip in the spring. This year, tickets have been sold out for each event as the club plans to expand next year, possibly holding more day trips or a second weekend trip.

Known around campus for having cosponsored Breakfast by Moonlight, more information on SSC can be found on Facebook:


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Humans of Bentley: An on-campus phenomenon

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Humans of Bentley

By Stephanie Seputra

“Bentley University, one story at a time,” states the Humans of Bentley’s Facebook page tagline. And as of February 2, they have been doing exactly that. Slowly but surely, their page is constantly being updated with pictures of people all throughout the university along with the stories that these different individuals have to tell. They have gone from one side of the campus to the other with a mission to find out about the stories of the occupants of Bentley, and now it is time to find out about their story!

Who is Humans of Bentley?
We anticipated that everyone would be asking “Who is Humans of Bentley?” We’re staying quiet on our identities for a reason. We wanted to remain under the radar so people would stop focusing on whom to give the credit, and start focusing on why we’re doing this project in the first place. We want the members of this community to go along with the spirit of this project, to meet some strangers, open their eyes to what lies deep within the Bentley community, and to become a bit more human-oriented. As of right now, we plan to stay with anonymous in our continuation of the project.

What inspired you to start Humans of Bentley?
“Humans of Bentley” is a team of people. But the two of us who came up with the idea have a back story that inspired this movement. We were “hi and bye” friends for about a year, and nothing more than that. One random night, we ended up in the same place at the same time, sat down expecting to make small talk, and 3 or 4 hours later, realized we’d become excellent friends over one small unplanned conversation. We were of completely different backgrounds and expected to have little in common, but soon realized that we had a million and one experiences/stories that tied us together or kept us interested. This interaction completely changed our friendship and we are now extremely close. It made both of us realize the value of meeting a stranger, engaging in some irregular conversation, and learning just what this community really consists of.

How has the experience been?
The experience thus far has been incredible. We challenge ourselves to talk mostly to strangers, so that we ourselves can grow as a team and showcase the hidden stories, unfamiliar faces, and unexpected life experiences that all exist right here on our tiny little campus. The reaction to this project was completely as expected. We assumed the project would “go viral” and it did. Within the first 2 or 3 days, we’d reached 400 likes. We’re planning a dinner to celebrate hitting the 500 mark!

Can you see this project making a change in people’s lives?
Absolutely, we can. But we need the Bentley community members to rally and take individual responsibility. We need each member that follows the page to choose to forego the selfish, assumption-filled nature we’ve all been taught and to acknowledge the impact on one’s life, simply by building a connection with someone new, asking a question before assuming the answer, or extending an “I’m human too” gesture to someone in need. We want people, especially Bentley students, to see that a community is only as good as the people within it and that we must all work together to establish the caring, supportive, and spirited community that we all want.

What has been the most moving or shocking story so far?
Honestly, no one story is greater than the next. We’ve noticed a lot of the people we talk to trying to “come up with something good to say.” Little do they know, that’s not the part of our conversation we plan to quote. The point is to bring out the human side of people; the little things that we can all relate to, get a kick out of, or can’t even imagine happening to us. This project has proven to us, the team behind all this, that every interaction is a quality interaction and that there is something to gain in every conversation with any person, especially a total stranger.

As we’ve walked from one class to another, consumed with our own thoughts, we often forget that the people around us here have their own story; a story that have the potential to teach you – or maybe even change your life and the way you are living it. Admittedly, even by the simple act of looking through Humans of Bentley’s page I have learned so much. For one, I’ve learned that you can never judge a book by its cover. Yes, its cliché. But knowing that something is cliché does not necessarily make it less true. Yes, we are in a business school. Yes, being in the business field is often synonymous with being overly competitive and cut throat. But that does not mean that we should isolate ourselves and not care about these people around us. After all, learning does not necessarily have to involve textbooks and lectures. Sometimes the best lessons are learnt through our interactions with each other.
If you haven’t already done so, go on Facebook and like the Humans of Bentley page and scroll through it to see the different stories that the occupants of Bentley have to tell!