Students win big at CAB Super Bingo

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By Brenna O’Connell

CAB proved to be unstoppable again—not even Nemo could stop it. As roughly 2,000 students poured into the Dana Center this past Saturday, it was clear that Super Bingo was well worth the treacherous journey through slush, snow and ice over the bridge and down the stairs.

The prizes this year didn’t disappoint, despite the cap on prizes—see The Vanguard’s article last year for more details. “We did not run into too many issues with this problem, as Super Bingo is sort of ‘grandfathered in’ for a majority of the new rules regarding gift certificates,” said Emily Williams, CAB Traditions Committee co-chair.

To those who won the Southwest gift certificates, CAB wanted to offer both to one student—worth $1,000!—so the winner could enjoy the company of a friend. But it’s safe to say that those winners are not complaining.

What made the night even more fun were the alterations to bingo formations. In order to win some of the more impressive prizes, instead of having to complete an “X” formation on your card, you just had to get any five in a row.

Not only did it keep the pace of play up, but it also made things more exciting because with each number drawn, the crowd’s tension built.

It is not a CAB event without some rowdiness. Every time someone rejoiced, “Bingo!” the crowd booed, heckled and at least one yelled, “[She or he] doesn’t even go here!” In between winners, as each number was drawn, a student in the corner of the gym channeled Dale from the popular show “Storage Wars” and yelled, “YUUUP!” Too bad it seemed to be in vain, as that student didn’t appear to have won anything.

The wonderful number-caller, Greg Gouillart, was back after popular demand from last year’s performance. Although he lost a few of his balls in the beginning, he kept things light and entertaining with funny quips, a perfect announcer’s voice and upbeat pace. Among some of the early prizes were Bruins tickets, Bentley swag and Twilight Saga package, after which rock-paper-scissors was played to see who would get stuck with it. Senior Bill Warren tried to concede the prize to the young lady with whom he tied, but she didn’t want it either. Prizes picked up from there, including two Kindle Fires and cases, an Xbox 360 and Kinect and a futon. In the gift card round, boards were not cleared and winners were screaming “BINGO!” left and right. Among the gift certificates were food venues such as Chateau and Cheesecake Factory and practical Mobile gas card. Two 42-inch TVs were given away to lucky Falcons and an iPad 2 was given away for a mere connect five—a downgrade from the elusive “X.” Two students were given dream spring breaks, courtesy of CAB and Southwest Airlines.

Last, and certainly not least, was a MacBook Air, which of course needed to be competitive so “Blackout Bingo” was in effect. As the numbers were called, the hushes of the audience grew, and the excitement built. Alas, the winner was not a false alarm.

CAB did a great job putting the event on and thought of an effective way to prevent eye and head trauma due to airborne bingo cards post-event. 75 Dunkin Donuts gift cards were awarded based on raffle tickets that were exchanged for the boards. Forward-thinking like this, planning since November and rewarding great prizes made this a great night that kept students from going stir crazy in the blizzard.

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