IMPACT showcases broad research of Bentley professors

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By Yuriy Ivanov

In staying true to its values Bentley professors have begun collaboration on an opinion blog called IMPACT, which serves to highlight the varied research professors are involved in, while creating an outlet for intelligent discourse for the student body.

“IMPACT is a great way to provide additional context to those at Bentley and the broader community about what others are doing in research, teaching and practice here on campus,” associate professor of economics and director of the honors program, Aaron L. Jackson, commented.

The blog showcases the diversity of ideas here at Bentley with topics ranging from the perils of skimming to conscientious capitalism.

Professor Jackson, who wrote about the lessons learned during the Fed challenge sees that writing his piece was “an excellent opportunity to highlight what students at Bentley are capable of, and allows the outside world to see how truly dedicated the faculty are to student learning.”

The IMPACT blog denotes dedication itself in the careful and well thought out posts. However, the student body can also participate in the intellectual discourse. Comments may be added at the bottom of each post. This feature and maintaining the blog on the Bentley home page could have “big benefits for cross pollination of ideas within campus, and help draw eyeballs externally to what makes Bentley do what it does so well,” according to professor Jackson.

Senior Director for the Center for Women and Business and professor of management, Susan Adams, noted that this attention is “a great way to showcase the relevance of the research that Bentley faculty do.”

This opportunity to highlight relevant topics of interest or research has attracted professors from multifarious fields such as management, tax law, political science, history and a plethora of other areas of business studies and liberal arts.

This has spawned curious ideas such as a flipped classroom wherein instead of being lectured in class and giving homework at home, the professor would post online lectures and do the homework in class. A call for full disclosure of political contributions and a commentary on a 60 Minutes report on physicians in the broken U.S. health care system.

The chosen topics stay relevant to the research of the professor, as is the case with Professor Adams who chose to write about the “bold initiative that Mayor Menino outlined in his State of the City address. His plan is a great example of what my work suggests is an effective way to prompt inclusion of women so that they can contribute more fully.”

Professor Adams also wrote a piece about women’s leadership in the workplace. Both are pertinent pieces of information that go stride in stride with Professor Adams directorship of the Center for Women and Business, and they are also engaging opinions. This is perhaps the starkest distinguishing feature between the IMPACT blog and a piece published in a research journal: it is not mind-numbingly dense.

The posts carry themselves with great professionalism and a light creative air which truly engages the reader in an active thought process. The transcendent power of a good idea inherently relies on its effective communication.

IMPACT provides an opportunity for just that, and thus benefits all of Bentley’s academia.

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