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Falcons UNite and CAB bring winter fun to Back Bay

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Indoor ice skating, winter crafts and hot chocolate create buzz

By Francisco Salas

CAB and Falcons UNite welcomed students back on campus with arguably one of the coolest ideas to date.

Last Friday night, CAB’s Event of the Month Chairs David Wu and Megan Girmaiy organized an indoor ice skating rink in the Student Center’s Back Bay rooms. It wasn’t the biggest rink, but to everyone’s surprise it was artificial ice. CAB partnered with Artificial Ice Events to setup a small rink for the event.

CAB and Falcons UNite provided skates for those adventurous enough to go on the ice and for those spectating there was warm hot chocolate, desserts and ice cream.

How does artificial ice work? The rink was made up like a giant jigsaw puzzle in 4-by-8 plastic polymer sheets that resemble the look and feel of ice, without the complexity of real ice. The panels have the consistency of the whiteboards found in classrooms, but what sets them apart is the special lubricating solution that reduces contact friction and enhances the glide and speed while skating.

When skating on natural ice, the friction of the skate blade generates heat and melts the ice, creating a thin layer of water which is the source of that smooth skating glide. The Artificial Ice Sheet’s patented technology works in the same fashion. When the skater’s blades come into contact with the synthetic ice sheet, the same heat is created, causing the solution to lubricate the surface just like water does on natural ice.

CAB President Patrick Maguire said to be out on the lookout for more activities like this. This year, CAB is committed to revamping itself and doing events that more students want.

The next event on the horizon, sponsored by the Traditions Committee is going to be the annual Super Bingo night on Saturday, February 9 in the Dana Center. CAB is giving out thousands of dollars of prizes in the biggest game of bingo you will ever play, including some big-ticket electronics and gadgets.

One game night that promises to be very interesting is “Just in time for Valentine’s Day” which is a Newlywed Game on Tuesday, February 12 in the Pub. Come out and test your knowledge of your roommate, best friends, random students or your boyfriend or girlfriend. To register for this event, please email CAB at bentleycab.eventofthemonth@gmail.com.


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