Senior Spotlight

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Presented by The Senior Year Experience Committee

Name: James Cruise

Major: Economics-Finance, Liberal Studies (Health and Industry)

Hometown: East Greenwich, Rhode Island

What are you involved in at Bentley?

For two years I was a Resident Assistant in the Trees, in the Office of Academic Advising I’ve been a First Year Seminar Peer Facilitator and Peer Advisor, over the years I’ve done some work with Service Learning, and last fall I was a member of the Fed Challenge team.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Well, we now officially have less than one month until graduation, which is so hard to believe. I’m looking forward to doing my best to make the most of my remaining weeks. Spring Day is this upcoming weekend and as the weather gets warmer I’ll try to get outside as much as possible. On the academic side, I’m looking forward to presenting the findings of my Honors Capstone project with Gregg Grenier after what has been a lengthy, challenging, and rewarding process.

What are your plans for the future?

Next year I plan to be working in Arlington, VA right outside Washington, D.C. with a group called Cambridge Associates. Having been a New Englander my entire life, it’ll be a bit of a change. If the Bruins can beat the Capitals in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, I think the transition will go a little smoother.

What is your favorite event on campus?

My immediate response is Spring Day, as it’s the one day of the year that best brings the campus together. Outside of that, I’ve enjoyed the Bentley Business Bowl and the way it has helped me to prepare work in a time sensitive manner.

What are your goals for this year?

By now, most of the work is done. I believe I’ve learned and grown in the last four years and I hope to have, in some way, helped to leave Bentley better than it was four years ago. Now, I’d like to make sure that I enjoy the remaining weeks of the semester and spend as much time with as many people as possible.

How are you feeling about graduation?

Nervous, excited, anxious…I think most of the same feelings that everyone reports. It’s often difficult close one chapter and similarly exciting to start a new one. I’m finding that I keep repeating the same words: “We’ll see what happens.”

Advice to seniors/ words of wisdom

I’m not sure I’m in a position to provide any sort of wisdom, but I plan to move forward with this in mind: Be confident and appreciative, but never complacent. Don’t underestimate your own self-worth or take for granted what you have, but try to be better tomorrow than today. Lastly, balance and love are the most important words in the English language. Of course, as noted, there’s always room for that idea and all ideas to be challenged.

What can Bentley do to help you with this year?

The only thing left that I can ask of Bentley is to serve as a facilitator for continued connection with my current classmates and friends. I hope to stay involved in some capacity and maintain some tie to Bentley.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at Bentley ?

I’ve learned to continually challenge myself through being more open-minded to alternatives presented by other people and situations in life. I hope to never meet the day where I stop learning and growing. On a related note, I think I have also learned a bit more about what I deem to be one of the most important ideas in life, balance. Finally, they’re right when they say that four years go by fast.

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