Notes from Abroad – Thessaloniki, Greece

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Question: “What will you miss most about being abroad?”
By Danica DeVito

I will miss the new friends I have made while here in Greece. I enjoyed meeting all of the Greek students and learning more about their culture from them, while also teaching them about the United States.

Conversing with them every day made it easier to pick up the language and communicate with Greek people at stores and restaurants.

Even though I may not ever see my Greek friends again after coming home, I am grateful for the time I spent getting to know them and plan on keeping in touch.

Also, the people I will miss even more are my new friends I made from the U.S., who were in my study abroad program. There are 48 of us from all parts of the country, and most of us came here without knowing a single other person.

After living and going to school with them every day for four months, it will be very difficult to say goodbye at the end of the semester. I also plan on keeping in touch with them and hopefully even meeting up with those who live close by.

If I had not studied abroad in Greece, I would not have had the opportunity to meet and form strong relationships with all of these people. They each helped make my study abroad experience memorable, and I will miss them all.

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