Healthy Hart: Summer Hints

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By  Angela Hart

After an entire year of healthy advice, I am going to sum up my main points for you. Please keep these tips in mind this summer.

Drink lots of water.

Drink as much water as you can each day. Water is important to drink, in general, but during the summer, it is particularly important so that you won’t get dehydrated from the heat.

Go running, take walks and stay active.

One of my favorite things about spring and summer is that you can go for a walk or be active outside. Unlike winter, you have no excuse not to go for a short walk around the neighborhood.

Go to the gym, if you can.

If you plan on staying at Bentley, utilize the gym; if you are going home for the summer, look into local gym memberships. Planet Fitness and Work Out World (WOW) are both approximately $10 to $15 a month during their special promotions, which occur a few times a year. Latitude is about $45 a month. There are also drop in classes one can take at local Yoga studies, Pilates studios, Spin and Zumba classes and more for only about $8 to $15.

Wear sunscreen when you are in direct sunlight or outside.

If you read my last article, I hope you will remember to wear sunscreen when outside side. Invest $10 in a basic sunscreen product; it will be worth it!

Eat healthy! Be aware of what you’re eating.

It is perfectly fine to treat yourself, every once in a while. But, please don’t over indulge. Eat salads (spinach salads, which have minerals and vitamins), salmon (O-mega 3’s), energy bars, (LARA, Nutragrain bars, etc.), and try to pick up fruit as a snack (Apples, Bananas, etc.).

And, please, if you see a flight of stairs, don’t shy away from them; you do, after all, have to walk them again come fall.

Have a happy, safe and healthy summer.

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