Yes, Bentley has street food

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By Ali Farooqi

Many of us have noticed a new mobile facet of the Bentley campus: the Sodexo street car. It began operation in March and has added new variety to food available on campus. The Sodexo street car food is called Odexos and is going to be seen on campus year round.

When asked on where the idea for the street car came from, Jason Laprade, the Resident District Manager for Sodexo, answered “It is a current trend that is out there and we felt we needed as a company offer.” Laprade said that the “student board of directors was consulted on the national level” in implementing the street car.

The menu for the street car changes every two weeks and is based on research and feedback from the Boston area. As of now, it does not accept falcon funds nor discretionary due to technology limitations.

“The Food truck is going to about 20 of our campuses around Boston so the times and stops on each campus are determined by events, late night needs and Athletic events that it can support,” said Laprade.

The street car has been “a great change for many campuses” said Laprade adding that “we [Sodexo] feel it brings the students an outside restaurant to campus and gives them the ability to experience more of our offer.

Along with implementing the street car, Sodexo is looking into making changes to the Bostonian Grill.

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