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Presented by The Senior Year Experience Committee

Interview for Senior Spotlight
Name: Lauren Zinn
Major: IDCC (Information Design & Corporate Communication)
Hometown: Ipswich, MA

What are you involved in at Bentley?

I’m the Events Coordinator for the Senior Class Cabinet, a member of Bentley Hillel (previously the Public Relations Chair), and Bentley Marketing Association and a sister of Alpha Phi (previously Director of Sisterhood and Director of Recruitment).

What are you looking forward to this year?

This last month and a half is stacked with fun events for the seniors. After just attending the Harbor Cruise with my class, I am so excited to spend days in the Bahamas with everyone! Of course I could not leave out the infamous Spring Day. Because it’ll be my last one (and I used to love Nelly back in the day) I know my friends and I will have a blast.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to work at a public relations/advertising agency either in Boston or New York City. I’ve been interning throughout my college career and know this path is right for me. Because I’m from the North Shore of Boston, and go to Bentley, I want to try another city. New York City is a media hub, and provides endless opportunities for what I want to do. I also want to travel as much as possible; I’m visiting Israel and Colombia this summer.

What is your favorite event on campus?

Greek Week! Every year all the recognized fraternities and sororities compete in a week long competition to determine the best. The week includes Greek Olympics, swim races, a scavenger hunt, penny wars, and tons more. I just hope its beautiful weather for it!

What are your goals for this year?

To stay in touch with everyone after graduation! I have made such great friends here and definitely will remain connected, even if it can only be through social media!

How are you feeling about graduation?

Many of my friends I would say are in denial, but when graduation rolls around I know I’ll be ready to move on. I have been thinking about my career for some time now and am looking forward to being completely independent.

What is your advice to seniors/words of wisdom?

Your life is what you make it. Have a blast these next weeks with your class and close friends. No need to be bogged down in stress or drama.

What can Bentley do to help you with this year?

I just was made aware of Bentley’s Young Alumni Association. The chair is trying to help students connect with alumni before they graduate. I would like to see this association create more events for emerging student leaders and graduating seniors.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at Bentley?

Dr. Cook, or “Cookie” as we all call her, said it best: “Be yourselves – creative, funny, truthful, authentic. Rock the world.” Cookie was one of my favorite teachers at Bentley and inspires me to just be myself and go for it.

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