Podcast comedy: Hilarious shows held in the palm of a hand

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By Mike Lovett

Entertainment more than ever is pushing across countless platforms. Music on the go has been around since portable cassette players (Remember when those existed? Of course not.) In the last decade, we were able to take videos and games with us too.

Now it’s just getting ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean a level of awesomeness never before fathomed. The newest app is the podcast. It’s not really an app, but isn’t it cool to just say things are an app? No? Oh, OK, never mind.

While political podcasts are riveting, they have also found a dedicated niche audience in the comedy world. In a radio-type setting, comedians, actors and performers have found a new way to connect with their fans.

Three podcasts in particular have taken over the podcast comedy scene. Doug Loves Movies is hosted by comedian Doug Benson. Such guests have included Jon Hamm, Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Nick Swardson and various other celebrities who come together to talk of, you guessed it, their political views. No, just kidding, movies.

Adam Corrolla has also found a new outlet to let loose his voice. His self-titled podcast brings in stars to discuss their profession and some of the things happening in their lives. Corrolla brings with him an already deep audience and up and coming stars like Ben Schwartz and Paul F. Thompkins bring their own devoted audiences making the podcast that #1 iTunes downloaded podcast.

Maybe the most popular podcast among the comedy community is WTF with Marc Maron. The widely respected Maron is a standup comedian who enjoyed great success in the 90s and has rejuvenated his career on a platform that perfectly fits his conversational comedic style. Conan O’ Brien, Chris Rock, Amy Poehler, and Jimmy Fallon have graced the mic with Maron to make him one of the most popular figures in the podcast scene.

But, once again, that’s not all! There is a seemingly infinite amount of podcasts hosted by someone in the comedy scene. Nerdist has branched out into a variety of different shows. In the Nerdist family there entertainment shows like Comedy Bang Bang and improv4humans which features improvisational performers taking Twitter suggestions and creating scenes.

Nerdist also features two interview style podcasts similar to those of Maron and Corrolla. Making it with Riki Lindhome and the creatively titled The Nerdist interview celebrities and up and comers on what it takes to make it in the comedy and Hollywood worlds.

We now live in a time where there are countless types of entertainment that can be brought anywhere and can be controlled by a click. Podcasts, though not new, have begun to climb higher and higher in popularity in all aspects. It kind of makes you wonder where we are headed next. I already got it, 3D podcasts.

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