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Anyone who visits Bentley can see the technology that has been implemented throughout our campus. From the classrooms to the high-tech facilities like the trading room, technology is definitely evident. Bentley prides itself in the technology we have, yet, with all of these advancements, many still have not taken advantage of it.

MyBentley has been used very well over the past few years. Having course and housing registration as well as many other polls, forms, and tools online has made these processes simple and easy. But, just like a lot of the other technology we have available, it still has not been used to its full potential.

Take the registrar, for example. When dealing with the registrar, whether it’s a major declaration or a transcript request, it all has to be completed through hard-copy forms. Instead of embracing MyBentley and the other online tools that we have here, the registrar is still riding the old-fashioned trail.

Using some kind of online system would not only make filing any of these requests simpler and quicker, but would make it easier for the registrar to file and address them. Considering the large amount of declarations and requests that the registrar deals with, it must take a lot of man hours to go through everything in a timely manner, as opposed to an online system that would do it automatically. It’s surprising that an online system has not yet been introduced here.

Many professors have also failed to embrace the technology available to them. Despite the wide use of Blackboard, many professors do not use the website to its full potential, and some don’t use it at all. Instead, they still rely of hard copies of assignments and e-mail for communication. Not to mention, the other technology that professors do not use, such as the Smart Boards and camera projectors many classrooms are equipped with. The same goes for students as well, as many of the textbooks we all use are available online, yet most still buy the print editions.

Another example of this can be seen in the expense reports and reimbursement forms that student organizations have to deal with. Placing this system online would make the process easier for the organizations (as well as AIA), and would also make the process quicker.

This type of change was implemented quite recently with great results. Changing SETs from hard copies to an online system was a big step in the right direction. Not only did it reduce the amount of class time spent on the evaluations, but it also made collecting and compiling the information easier. This saves a lot of time from those who used to deal with the evaluations, which has made the whole process much more efficient and useful for both professors and students.

And other than the efficiency and effectiveness benefits to implementing and using more technology, reducing the amount of hard-copies we use is much more environmentally friendly; another aspect that Bentley places a lot of focus on. Getting rid of the paper SETs alone saved tons of paper. Think of what would happen if the same was done campus-wide.

In an age where technology is reigning king, and our whole lives have shifted towards the use and reliance on our laptops and smart phones, it’s very surprising that so many here still stay away from the technology they have at their fingertips.

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