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By Anh Duong

The Boston Sports Blog (BSB), founded by Bentley student Jimmy Tully, is becoming more popular among not only Bentley students but also everybody who is interested in sports. The blog distinguishes itself from other mainstream blogs such as ESPN and Barstool with its unique break down, analysis, and the members’ genuine enthusiasm in responding to feedback from readers. Above all, as Tully says, BSB is “a community for Boston sport fans” and is “written by true Boston sports fan.”

It has been recorded that the blog has received a total of 50,000 views since its establishment. In February, there were almost over 1,000 views on average per day, and the highest point reached 2,896 views. The number of views is increasing rapidly every day, demonstrating the potential expansion of the blog.

BSB provides readers a quick access to updated information and events with depth and comprehensiveness of all the sports of the Boston city (Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots). Some other big sports news outside Boston area, for example XGames, Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, or Tiger Woods, are also blogged on the site. It also has an open discussion for the fans to express their opinions about anything that is happening in the sports world. The secret that helped BSB become so popular in such a short period of time is its corporation with the Boston Sports Apparel Company (, which invited Bruin’s star Brad Marchand to cover the event for the blog with full media access.

Tully, the creator of the blog, is currently a Bentley senior majoring in Information Design and Corporate Communications. He first created this blog November for fun but was surprised by the growth of the blog.  He soon was supported by many of his friends, and together they developed the blog as it is today. Now, the BSB writing crew has seven members, each of them is responsible for a specific field: Tully is the blog’s Editor and General Writer, Chris Anderson (Merrimack College) – College Sports, Nolan Kartholl (Bentley Alum) – Business and General Writer, Dave Couture (Dracut, MA) – Patriots/ Football, Dan Tobin (Bentley) – Red Sox/ Baseball, Andrew Mazze (Bentley) – Bruins/ Hockey, and Matt Leibowitz (Bentley) – Celtics/ Basketball. So far, they have posted over 400 posts to the blog.

In the future, the BSB will be continuing posting blogs regularly, and waiting for their opportunity to advertise the blog on Google AdSense. But until then, the most important goal that BSB is striving for is keeping the heat for their fans and having fun chatting with other Boston sport fans on the site.

One last note at the end: the BSB members are planning on a free raffle for a Brad Marchand autographed puck in next week. If you are interested in, you can submit via the blog site, and for more information about the blog and the raffle please visit Besides sports, if you are also interested in music, you can take a look for the tab on the site named Relaxing the Masses to link to another blog site of music.

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