One Less looks to shift student attitudes

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The new program highlights the effect of having “one less” drink

By Tomer Gat

Last Wednesday, October 26, students walking into the Student Center for dinner were greeted by a sculpture of 21.5 pizza boxes, figures climbing a mountain with “President’s List” on its peak and a money tree. These art pieces are one of many facets of the One Less movement, a collaborative effort between Student Affairs and the Center for Health and Wellness to inform students of the health, financial and interpersonal effects that one less drink can have.

Members of the of the program include Jessica Greher Traue, Nina DeAgrela, Jessica Kenerson, Paul Stanish, Doreen Floyd, Deanna Busteed and Margaret Fitzgerald. This movement was inspired by a presentation about the impacts of drinking last January, in which members recognized that although a lot of focus was put on working with the 20 percent of students who are considered to be high risk alcohol consumers, it is the 60 percent of students who are moderate consumers who incur the majority of the negative alcohol-related consequences.

“We consider One Less to be a ‘movement,’” said Greher Traue. “Because, ultimately, as a result of the program, if a student chooses to consume one less drink per occasion, or one less occasion per week/month, or students’ knowledge or attitudes shift, then it is a movement in a positive direction.”

According to a survey conducted last week, half of the 1,150 respondents who choose to drink think that there are things about their drinking behaviors that can change.
“It is our hope that students each interpret One Less in their own way,” said Greher Traue.

One way that students are doing this is through the creation of One Less signs. Students took a picture with their sign describing the effect that one less could have on them. Some of these include “I choose one less drunk text” and “One less night of forgetting”.

“I’m a strong supporter of this movement,” said sophomore Idhira Taveras, one of the students collecting One Less signs in Smith this week. “It could save somebody’s life.”

“I think it’s great to see that the Administration has taken the initiative with this movement,” said junior Jim Collins. “It shows that they not only want to acknowledge this issue, but also help students find practical ways to choose one less.”

Other than the artwork displayed in the Student Center, One Less has also launched a website which gives more information to students regarding ways to consume one less drink. The website includes links to alcohol calorie counters, alcohol cost calculators and lists some easy ways to monitor and choose one less.

Students can view the art pieces as well as join the movement and create their own One Less signs next week in the Dana Center on Monday November 7 and Wednesday November 9 during the activity periods and from 2-4 p.m.

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