A New Logo For A New Bentley

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As you may have noticed around campus, Bentley’s original seal has been replaced by a logo featuring the Solomon Baker Library’s clock tower.

The school’s Marketing department felt that that the school could be better represented by a new logo. The original seal, depicting a balancing scale, had been designed to represent Bentley in its early days as a small accounting school.

“The Bentley College seal no longer accurately depicted Bentley’s current market positioning as a premier business university that seeks academic, curricular, and research distinction at the intersections of business and the liberal arts, business and information technology, ethics and social responsibility, global commerce and culture,” said Katherine Blake, director of Marketing Communication.

The new logo depicts Bentley’s library clock tower over the name BENTLEY. “The Bentley tower is a key visual element of our campus,” said Vice President for Marketing, Communication, and Public Affairs, Sandra T. King. “It is a keeper of time, a symbol of the past, a recorder of the current, and the gateway to the future. Centered on a familiar campus landmark, the new logo evokes the school’s past, present and future, and conveys presence and prestige.”

One of the differences being introduced along with the logo is the title of “Bentley” instead of “Bentley College”. This is because Bentley is considering a possible name change. The Carnegie Commission on Higher Education classifies Bentley as a master’s level university. Bentley has always advertised itself as “The Business University” in recent years and now is considering becoming Bentley University. Bentley’s Board of Trustees is scheduled to consider a potential name change at an upcoming meeting. Our college identity is contingent upon the Board’s decision.

Swardick Marketing Group of Portland, Maine designed the new Bentley logo with input from the Bentley Cabinet, administration, students, and the Marketing, Communication, and Public Affairs staff. The new logo was first presented at the first General Faculty Meeting of the year and at campus town meetings last month. Since then, the logo has been formally introduced and publicized around campus. Swardick will also help with the advertising campaign, using a variety of media applications – the internet, print, broadcasting, and special events, as well as partnerships in key geographic markets and public and media relations initiatives.

The promotion tagline “Business in a Whole New Light” will correspond with the new logo and be used in Bentley’s new advertising campaign. Marketing hopes that this new campaign will help to “express Bentley’s commitment to the integration of business and information technology, ethics and social responsibility, and global culture and commerce,” says Blake.

The new Bentley logo will be integrated into the internal and external media over the next few months. By integrating the logo onto all Bentley publications, it will be in constant view of the public, reaffirming Bentley’s new identity. “The logo will graphically brand the institution in a consistent way, in our publications, stationery, business cards, ads, signage and more. Coupled with our Bentley blue and gold, and Sabon and Universe typefaces, we will present a unified institutional identity to our various audiences and the marketplace,” Blake remarked.

It will take a while to fully incorporate the new logo, but Marketing is hopeful that most key items – such as items to be seen outside of Bentley – will be ready by the end of the fall semester. Existing letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and mailing labels will soon be replaced by ones featuring the new logo. But not to worry, the old stationery will be cut and made into notepads, and anything unusable can be re

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